Wednesday, August 16, 2006


We'll today I chose not to use kGTD that I've used in the last few months. I kinda like kGTD but the problem is that a) it still is kind of buggy, b) it might be too much distraction for me.

I've got to face reality in that it doesn't inspire me to actually go and do stuff. It's too distracting with the fancy button and all. Plus I get to move my stuff around endlessly by assigning different contexts and projects so... no good. At least for now.

I just wrote them down on a page in my moleskine [no reason not do things in style, right?] and got of to a good start of the day.

Again the moto of the day is NOT to think too much. KISS, [Keep It Simple, Stupid!]Just get to stage where I can act without thinking. That is why I procrastinate a lot. I think to much. Always doubting, always finding things to improve. Just plain horrible. When I get myself to a deadline under tremendous pressure to actually produce the goods, I kind of force myself not to think or tinker too much. The abensce of time has taken that luxery away from me.

All procrastinators think they preform better under stress, and to a degree that is true. But we have to understand why that is. It is because the pressure automatically focusses us on what needs to be done. However as a self employed that doesn't work. Since I assign my own deadlines I can also shift them. So does that mean that procrastinators cannot employ themselves?

Well to a degree, yes. Procrastinators are horrible in self rule /discipline, whatever you want to name it. So in order to succeed as a self employed I have to overcome my procrastination habbit. So what if my correspondence isn't up to my usual quality, at least I've communicated, which is infinately better then pondering the right tone over and over again.

As mentioned I currently use a varity of tools to create a distraction free enviroment on my mac. VirtueDesktops kind of does the trick but it is either buggy or I don't understand the program. Let's assume that I do, since I've never had a problem with understanding apps, so it is buggy. But it still helps to get the job done. A seperate desktop in sort of full screen mode is nice and it does help focussing on getting the job done.

Writeroom is an other app that I've tried. Not sure yet on that one. I've written a couple of letters but when I exported the text to a .doc file and opened in Word this morning to print the margins got all fucked up. Since I don't like Word, way to complex for me, I ended up re-typing them. Pasting caused the same problem. Instead of tinkering forever to get it working right, I just re-typed. Very proud of myself and letters are all in the mail.

However I have made a mental note to find a different word processor or to try and master Word. Word just is way and way too complex and it distracts a lot. At least for me, and at least for now. Will give Writeroom one more try later tonight on a serious whitepaper I need to write and then print /store via Word. TextEdit might be a good replacement for what I'm doing or TextWrangler. We'll see, trying to keep it simple here.

Several other chores that I've postponed forever are now done, so on to the more important tasks that I've been putting off. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First attempt

The first thing that I will try is a bit of a mixture of various tools and tips.

Since I do waste an awefull amount of time on all sorts of non-work related surfing I will create an enviroment for myself with less distractions. So cleaned up the old desk [really wasn't up for the cleaning the entire office. That might have been overkill on the first day] and have created multiple desktops to work on with VirtueDesktops

On the main working one I've created a completely black background with [see this post] backdrop, spiritedaway and menushade. Three little tools and I've created a app in automator that opens all three up for me. Two of them I've been able to tie to that desktop but spirited away is not a program but a prefpane. No worries since it's actually a great little tool. I've left mine on 60 sec. [spiritedaway is a tool that auto-hides apps your not working on].

Writing is done in WriteRoom and now using the [10+2]*5 dash that I read on I managed to at least get started writing to long overdue letters and starting to redo the marketing plan.

The key that I'm trying to focus on now is to just get it done. No overthinking, no redoing or re-editing either. The way I write it will have to do for now. I just have to assume that on the other hand there is at least a semi intelligent person that understands what I'm trying to say.

It helped writing them, which I guess is a start.



We'll quite frankly I'm the worlds biggest procratinator and I'm sick of it. I've procrastinated myself into unemployment and now have a hard time doing what I really want to do, start my own business.

Nobody, other then other procrastinators, can understand why its difficult for us to do what we really want to do. I'm sure I don't understand, but I've had enough. This blog is about me getting to grips with my procrastination and how I'm getting myself out of this rut... A bit of self reflection can't hurt, and I might even help other procrastinators with my blog. I know I'm not unique, but the severity of my procrastination must be.

As you might understand, I prefer to stay anonymous. I don't think even my wife knows about the extend of my procrastination and I surely cannot deal with my new business partners finding out about it. Come to think of it... Procrastinators Anonymous might be a good group to get started. So many distractions these days... on-line I can [and have] waste entire days reading blogs and other nonsense. I especially love to read blogs about GTD and /or other productivity tools. Kind of bizar come to think about it.

At the same time though, I know that that is NOT my problem. The problem is getting started. The angst, the fear, the strong and very uncomfortable feeling about having to do something. The only way it goes away is by doing something else, but that makes you feel bad. Your self esteem goes right down the drain, which does help you sleep longer since your energy [directly related to self esteem] goes down as well. So now you have an even better excuse, your tired. You obviously needed the sleep.....

Ohh, how sick I am of it all. The stupid blogs with tips you have read a thousand times and none seems to be able to get me out of this rut. The productivity tools that seem promising.... if you get around to getting started.

This cannot continue this way or I will surely procrastinate myself into a trailerpark [if i'm lucky] or into a life of homelessness.

Stay tuned!!!